June 2020 newsletter : Black Lives Matter

Hey All! I wanted to let you know I will donate all proceeds from my Bandcamp sales through the month of June equally to Color Of Change and Hoodstock (a Montreal organization that supports people of color and fights against inequalities). Bandcamp will be waiving their revenue share on Friday June 5th. So if you buy my music on that day, It means 100% will go straight to those two organizations. Everything is PWYC.

I owe so much to Black American Music. As a jazz pianist and electronic musician there's no way I would be where I am today and play/create the music that I do, without BAM culture, its different artforms and traditions. I'm deeply grateful for Black American culture and its legacy and I wish to stand with Black communities everywhere to fight against racism and inequalities.


I'm incredibly saddened and horrified by what's happening in the USA right now and the constant oppression still going on towards black people and people of color. I'm aware it's also a reality here in Canada and in Montreal. I'm aware of my white privileges and it gives me pain that it is still a reality in 2020. We're stuck in a huge systemic problem and it on our shoulders to solve it. We need to speak about racism, call out racism and fight racism from the ground up. Acknowledge and Speak up.

I really wish for a better world.


New(ish) music on Bandcamp

Last month I released 2 different PWYC live albums on Bandcamp! Live at Casa del Popolo, a Digitakt + OP-1 hardware set of unreleased material, and Live at La Vitrola which was the Echoes from Afar's launch show. A little something for you to enjoy while you wait for my first LP Exilio Transitorio due later this year. Friday June 5th Bandcamp is waiving his revenue share, so it's a good time to buy some music and discover new artists. And as I said, I will give back all the proceeds of the June Bandcamp sales to Color Of Change and Hoodstock to help anti-racism resources in the US and in Montreal, Canada.

Live at Casa del Popolo :


Live at La Vitrola :


viñu-vinu LIVE

Saturday June 27th - Live set for Synth Stream presents downstream @ Synth Stream Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/synthstreammusic/

Online lessons

If you are interested, I teach classical and jazz piano, as well as Ableton and audio production, on Zoom, Skype or Google hangout! I also offer production, mixing and mastering services. For any of those please contact me here: vinuvinu.music@gmail.com

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